Success stories from Africa – Women’s cooperatives in rural Ethiopia

In most parts of the Dodola district, 300km south of Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, slow-moving oxen are seen ploughing open stretches of farmland. But in one field, a red tractor is speedily tilling women-owned cooperative farmland ahead of the rainy season. For Kamso Bame, a widowed mother of 12 and

International success for E Cape farm

You have to be a really hard nut to crack yourself, if you want to make it as a macadamia nut farmer, says Cowan Skelem, one of the leading people behind Ncera Macadamia Farming (NMF), near East London. For, the strongest determination, is what it takes to make it in

Drone Technology Used To Boost Agricultural Sector And Cut Costs In South Africa

South African farmers in the Western Cape have found valuable ways to use drone technology to boost their agricultural output and methods, leading to an upskilled workforce and general cost cutting. Elsenburg farmers are using drones to conduct general monitoring flyovers, assess vegetation health, track and monitor animals which may

Texas farmers co-operative pays $1bn to its producer owners

Texas-based Farmers Cooperative Compress (FCC) announced it has reached a $1bn milestone in dividend distribution to its producer owners. The country’s top cotton producing state, Texas has a strong cotton industry, which brings in $3.5bn annually to its economy. The co-op was set up in 1948 by a group of

Southern States Cooperative Donates to Help Peaceable Farm Horses

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va (WVIR) –A Charlottesville farm supply company is donating thousands of pounds of food to horses seized from Peaceable Farm in Orange County. An equine specialist at Southern States Cooperative posted the idea to her Facebook and the response was overwhelming. The post asked people to donate all kinds of