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Moshupa co-operative society on track (Botswana)

The South African National Apex Cooperative (SANACO) President Mr Lawrence Bale has commended Moshupa Multipurpose Co-operative Society for operating at maximum aptitude and being able to sustain itself despite several factors which contribute to the collapse of societies.

Mr Bale said during the SA delegation’s visit to the Moshupa Co-operative Society recently that it is indeed a living testimony of a buoyant co-operative as it responds to the community needs and challenges at the right time.

He said it serves its members and the community at large while in the process making the business.

He continued praising it that indeed, the co-operative is a real multipurpose enterprise in the sense that it provides multi services that include grocery shop, agric-shop as well as the liquor and restaurant.

However, he advised them to find ways of producing some other products for themselves adding that co-operative societies are producers not consumers.

“It is advisable for a co-operative society to have its own anchor supply products, buy seeds and plough instead of importing vegetables,” Mr Bale said.

He added that by so doing, they will be able to operate at low costs hence increasing their income. The other speaker Mr Shimelles Tenaw, who is a co-operatives lecturer and researcher at the University of Xelsinki in Eithopia, urged the co-operative management to improve from becoming much of a product co-operative and become a service based co-operative.

He said this can help them in maximising their profits.

He further said the co-operative management should see to it that they come up with strategies to source financial resources giving example with opening of barber shops.

He said this will help create jobs for the youth whilst increasing the chances of diversifying businesses to the society.

He urged the society to come up with some activities that can motivate its members and customers pointing out that, this will increase their chances of membership increment hence the society growth and development.

For his part Mr Takalani Mbengeni,the SANACO national chairperson, encouraged the society to teach their new entrants about membership value saying this will increase membership participation.

“A society should adopt a principle of better fewer but better,” added Mbengeni saying this will enhance foster participation of members which ensure s development.

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